The Top Android Launchers Compatible With iOS

Did you realize you can get iPhone-like expertise on your Android phone using one of the iOS Launchers? Whether you use Android or iOS, each system gets better and better as time goes on. Both systems have pros and cons that make them different.

Android and iOS are inching closer to each other every year, but the experiences they offer are still very different. Android’s interface is more adaptable and gives you a lot of ways to change it, while iOS is fluid but static and very limited. But users think about many different things before swapping to one of these platforms.


The Best Android Launchers for iOS 16

The interface for iOS is beautiful, smooth, and easy to use. But when it comes to launchers, it can be hard to choose from the many on the market. Different launchers for iOS and Android can do different things.

Some have very few features, while others have many of them all in one place. But after doing some research, we made a list of the best iOS 16 launchers that are easy to use, have more features, and run smoothly.


Control Center 15

Without a doubt, Control Center 15 is the best iOS Launcher for Android. It has been unloaded more than 50 million times and has a 4.5-star rating, which is a good sign. It lets you change how the interface looks, which is impossible with the real iOS interface.

You can’t go wrong with the iOS-like interface and smooth transitions. Control Center 15 is an option for Android phones that want the iOS experience. The app can make effects like iOS and has a smooth interface. It can also be customized, which everyone loves to do.

Another important fact is that it works with even the most basic phones and can be used with the first versions of Android smartphones. You also get good security and reliability in addition to the interface.


Launcher iOS 16

Then we have Launcher iOS 16, which is another great option. This Launcher not only makes your screen look like iOS, but it also works like iOS. You can easily use the latest interface design for iOS on your Android device.

Launcher iOS 16 is great because it adjusts to your screen if it has a notch or no borders. The app is easy to change, doesn’t share your information with anyone else, and has some basic data security features.

This is the most straightforward method to make your Android phone look like an iPhone. With Launcher iOS 16, you can make any Android phone look like Apple’s main phone interface. The Launcher not only placed an iOS skin on top of the Android interface, but it will also make it look and work like an iPhone.

If you own a phone with a notch or a display with no bezels, you’ll love how the notch looks at the top of the screen. You can also change the Launcher to your liking and switch shortcuts by swiping up to open the Control Center. In short, you can’t think about it if you want your Android phone to feel like an iPhone.


X Launcher

X Launcher is different from the other two launchers because it changes your Android interface, so it looks like iOS 13. iOS 13 may seem old, but it still gives its users a new, smooth, and elegant experience. More importantly, this lightweight Launcher only uses up 8MB of your phone’s storage space and gives you a full iOS feel in your hands.

This app lets your Android device have a control center like the iPhone. Inside the control panel are shortcuts for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Network, brightness, flight mode, and other things. Some options do more than one thing, like turning up or down the phone’s volume or brightness.

It makes it easy to get to the App Manager by swiping up, just like the iPhone. It has a large theme store and many ways to change it. Along with the interface, it also changes the way your device works and how it works. This improves the user experience and makes it feel more like iOS.


Launcher iPhone

The IPhone Launcher has everything you need if you want to make your Android work like iOS. The control center, notification bar, lock screen, home screen, and aided touch in the iOS style are all substantially altered. Among the most stable iOS launchers for your Android phone is Launcher iPhone.

The app’s goal is to be an exact copy of the iPhone’s interface, which it does very well. Not only that, though. You can also use the smart search by swiping down on the screen anywhere. Once you’ve downloaded the Launcher, it will give your phone the same level of transition effects as iOS. It will also show icon packs and system icons.

It will have app icons all over the home screen, just like an iPhone, but since the app lets you change things, it’s easy to make it look how you want. Even the obvious changes look so real that it’s hard to tell from looking at the screen that you’re using an Android device.

You can also put your phone apps into different groups with Launcher. So, it will be easy to look for a specific app based on what you will be doing with your phone. And because it can be changed, we can decorate the screen however we want. The app has been downloaded over 10 million times and has 4.5 stars.


iOS16 Launcher – iLauncher

iLauncher helps make your Android device look like the iPhone 14 by using the design of iOS 16. The user interface and the way things work are very similar. It also puts notifications in the Control Center, like on an iPhone.

But what’s most exciting is that it also did take care of small details, like making the screen’s rounded corners look the same from the front. This is one of the best iOS Launchers because it makes your phone feel like the latest iPhone 14. It has an interface that looks like the original iOS and wallpapers that came from Apple.

You can also see notifications in the control center, just like on the iPhone. In the latest iOS launcher style, you can get to the weather, your favorite contacts, and your calendar. Don’t forget the rounded corners of the screen to start making your Android phone look like an iPhone. This list has an iLauncher for OS 16 because it is simple and easy to use.

With just one tap, your Android phone’s icons will be changed to iOS icons. Plus, wallpapers that look like Apple made them give your Android device a real iOS feel. But it has few ways to change it, so the Launcher stays mostly the same. Despite this, the app is very fast and light.



These are the best iOS launchers for your Android phone that you can get. This will make your phone work like an iPhone, giving it a second chance at life. But you should know that these apps are only here, so you can try out how the iOS interface works. They won’t help your phone work better in any way.

You might not be able to purchase an iPhone because of many things. But if you like how iOS looks and works, you don’t have to give that up. With these great iOS launchers, you can enjoy the latest iOS trend on your Android device. Each of these launchers has its special feature. So, if you don’t know what to do, you can try one or all of the lists.

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