The Top 5 Free Android Apps for GPS Cheating

Many scenarios call for you to pretend that you are somewhere else, such as playing mobile games or deceiving Netflix. The following is a list of Android’s finest mimic location applications.

Are you seeking a technique to capture those Pokémon that can only be found in certain locations in Go? Do you want certain Harry Potter: Wizards Unite “fundable” that are uncommon and can only be obtained in another country? Or do you want to give the impression to your pals that you are located on the other side of the planet? You are going to require a GPS spoofing device, then!

Here is a list of the top GPS spoofing applications available for Android. These may all be downloaded without cost, and rooting your mobile device is not necessary to use them. Alternatively, you may play about with a Developer option on your device.


Professional Fake GPS Location

Fake GPS Location Professional is an absolute must if the inclusion of a joystick option is an absolute requirement for you. In contrast to Fake GPS Location Spoofer, the free edition of this program comes equipped with a joystick right out of the box. As a result, you won’t have any problems controlling your double agent when playing Ingress Prime.

The software has a user interface that is straightforward to use, making it uncomplicated and uncluttered. This is exactly what you want in an application when attempting to deceive others about your whereabouts. Take into account that to utilize the application, you will need to make certain adjustments in the background by using the developer mode of Android.

Within the program, you can compile a list of your preferred destinations and quickly access it whenever necessary. This is wonderful for quickly acquiring Pokémon from a place on the other side of the earth when time is of the essence.


Fake GPS Location Spoofer

There is a free and premium version of the software called Fake GPS Location Spoofer. If you use Android and want to trick others into thinking you are somewhere else, you may accomplish it with this app’s free version.

The free edition offers users access to many functions; however, upgrading to the subscription version grants users access to additional capabilities that make playing GPS locator games less challenging. You can, however, fake your location on any version of Android without spending a dime, and as long as your handset is running Android 6 or later, you won’t even need to root it.

The premium edition gives you access to several cool features, such as joystick mode (which makes it much simpler to play games) and GPX import, which enables you to design routes using normal GPS data files rather than inside the application itself. Both of these features are well worth the price. Not to mention that the name of the premium version is a little bit different from Fake GPS Joystick.


Fake GPS

This program, Fake GPS, is both fast and simple to use. Fake GPS is an excellent place to begin experimenting with GPS location spoofing if you are new to the practice and want to give it a go. Its user interface is straightforward to browse, and its functioning is uncomplicated.

You can fake your GPS using either coordinates (for a spoof that is more exact) or by location (for a spoof that is more broad), making this a wonderful tool that can be used for various applications.

Be aware that this application is incompatible with Pokémon Go; thus, if playing Pokémon Go is the reason you want to fake your location, you should look into using another application. If, on the other hand, you merely want to disguise your location to trick services located in a different geographical zone, it will function like a charm.


Fake GPS Location 2022

Fake GPS Location 2022 is relatively new compared to the other apps on our list, but you shouldn’t pass it up. The developer provides all the essential instructions for installing the application on your device. Setting it up and utilizing it is a simple process. You won’t have to wait long to begin fabricating false locations!

This software does not have a joystick feature; hence, if you want to control your fake self anywhere in the world with pinpoint precision, you will need to look elsewhere for an app that can fulfill your requirements. On the other hand, Fake GPS Location 2022 is an excellent program if all you need are some basic mimic location capabilities.

In addition, beginning and ending your spoofing session couldn’t be any simpler than it already is. Place your marker on the map, then hit the “Start Fake GPS Location” button, and you are good to go.


GPS Emulator

GPS Emulator is an excellent choice for a broad range of activities, including those in which you need to fake your position, since it is regularly updated, free to use, and can upgrade to a premium version.

If you have ever used Google Maps, then you are already aware of the available iterations of the mapping system.

You may purchase satellite imagery, which displays an aerial picture, and terrain imagery, which is a typical graphical street map with the topography shown. And conventional map view, which is a standard graphical topographical map.

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