The Step-by-Step Guide to Using YouTube’s Ambient Mode

Utilize YouTube’s Ambient mode to completely immerse yourself in your collection of preferred videos. Here’s how to utilize this function on your desktop computer or mobile device.

Suppose you find yourself watching material on YouTube for long periods. In that case, the website has a mode called Ambient mode that can be accessed on mobile devices and desktop computers to improve the viewing experience. Thanks to this function, you can experience videos in a more immersive manner.

To get you started, here is a comprehensive walkthrough of the Ambient mode function on YouTube and instructions on how to utilize it.


What Does YouTube’s Ambient Mode Entail, Exactly?

While viewing videos on YouTube, you may activate a feature called “Ambient mode,” which will add a color gradient to the backdrop of your screen. It gives the impression that colors from the video are seeping into the surrounding portions of the video player thanks to a function that pulls colors from the YouTube video you are now viewing and adds them with a smooth gradient texture.

YouTube’s Ambient mode is dynamic, which means the backdrop color changes rapidly whenever the videos colors change. This results in a watching experience that is more immersive for the user. Because of how the function was designed, it is inaccessible in the light mode.

In light of this, you should first switch YouTube to its dark mode before moving on to the next part, in which we will go through the procedures necessary to utilize the ambient mode. If the option to update your YouTube app on mobile is not visible to you, we suggest you do it to ensure that you always use the most recent version available.


The Step-by-Step Guide to Using YouTube’s Ambient Mode (Mobile)

When you go too dark on YouTube, the ambient mode will turn on by default. Nevertheless, you have the option to turn off the function. How to do it:

  • You may start playing any video on YouTube by tapping on it.
  • To see the available control choices, tap the screen.
  • You can access the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen by tapping it. There will be a menu appearing in a pop-up window.
  • To turn off the function, go to the pop-up menu and choose the Ambient mode option. A pop-up notification stating that the Ambient mode has been turned off will appear after the function has been removed successfully.

Repeat steps one through three if you wish to turn on the Ambient mode again. The Ambient mode does not support offline movies, which is a restriction you should be aware of before using. When you download a video from YouTube and play it, the Ambient mode option in the settings pop-up menu won’t even appear for you to choose.


The Step-by-Step Guide to Using YouTube’s Ambient Mode (Desktop)

Ambient mode is also available on YouTube’s desktop website. And in a manner very similar to that of mobile devices, you will first have to activate dark mode, which will, by default, also activate the ambient mode.

With that out of the way, let’s go through how to turn off Ambient mode on the desktop version of YouTube:

Start playing a video from YouTube on your device of choice, and when you want to access the controls, drag your pointer to the video player.

Choose the Settings icon located in the lower right-hand corner of the video.

To turn off the function, go to the pop-up menu and choose the Ambient mode option. Immediately, the gradient backdrop will be removed from the surrounding sections of your video player. After that point, the Ambient mode will no longer be available on any videos hosted on YouTube.

On the desktop version of YouTube, the Ambient mode has a few restrictions you should be aware of. According to YouTube, the Ambient mode is not available on the desktop version’s Theatre mode. Therefore, you need to select the Default view for the effects to be seen. If the video player takes up the full horizontal space of the screen, then you are utilizing the Theatre presentation option.

If you move the mouse over a video that is now playing and then clicks the white rectangular box icon in the bottom right corner, you can return to the Default view. You should now see a decreased space for the video player, and a list of suggested videos should have shown on the right-hand side. When the Ambient mode is on, the gradients will immediately appear on the screen.

Enhance the Quality of Your YouTube Viewing Experience. By using the Ambient Mode. You can make watching videos on YouTube more enjoyable by switching to the Ambient mode. You may also improve the video quality by going to Settings > Quality > Higher image quality (on mobile) or, if you’re using the desktop version of YouTube, by picking a higher specified resolution, such as 1080p, 1440p, or 2160p. This is another one of our helpful hints.

Streaming content at a lesser quality is recommended; however, if you are using a restricted data plan since it may rapidly turn into an expensive adventure if you do not have enough data.

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