Greek Food – Food You Must Try In Greece

Greek Food – Food You Must Try In Greece



Souvlaki is the Greek “fast-food” and no burgers can be compared with it.

Chopped pork – also known as “gyros”, as it is roasted on a rotating mini skewer- or alternatively, kebab, French fries, juicy tomatoes from the Greek land, fresh onion, parsley and tzatziki– a sauce made by Greek yogurt, cucumber and fresh herbs –wrapped in a pita break.

There are, of course, many variations and the souvlazidika (restaurants that make souvlaki) of Athens are too much, as you will find one in every corner.

Among the tastiest souvlaki in Athens you will find Kostas, on Pentelis’s street (vertical to the Metropolis) with tradition from 1950 and Kostas at Ag. Peace, which since 1984 feeds the Athenian souvlaki with a hot red sauce.


A typical example of the rich Greek cuisine is undoubtedly the moussaka.

Aubergines, potatoes, minced meat, bechamel and grated toast are the ingredients that make up one of the most delicious dishes of Greek gastronomy. Although it is inextricably linked with mom and grandmother, there are restaurants in Athens that serve excellent moussaka.

One of these is Olympus in Mets, which makes traditional moussaka, just as it was in the 1950s. You will also find delicious moussaka in the Klimataria tavern, in the Theater Square, and you may even have the opportunity to learn and cook it, as the owner of the shop delivers cooking courses to tourists.

A variation of the moussaka, you will find in Melistrio, a restaurant in the corner of Ermou and Aeolou which serves moussaka on a loaf of pita bread.


The absolute Greek meze for the meat lovers is the meatballs.

Spicy balls of veal, fried in fresh olive oil that smell spearmint and beautifully accompanied with a glass of ouzo. “Kefteskai den ftes” is a fashionable restaurant that cooks various versions of keftedakia.

You can enjoy traditional keftedakia in Yuvetsakia in Ano Glyfada as well as in Rock & Balls, a Meat Balls Bar based on an original concept that combines drink and food based on the meatballs in different versions.


Another gastronomic temptation in Greece is the dolmadakia. Rice, dill, fennel, mint, fresh onion, all chopped and wrapped in vine leaves, create small bites of pleasure.

In Crete and in the Oxo Nou, Exarheia restaurants, as well as in the Miniature, on the Romvis street in the city center, you will find the tastiest yalantzi bits that prove that Greek cuisine has influences from the east and west, which makes it even better.


Pies are a food connected to the Greek villages and the islands, the hot stone oven, the grandmother who opens a sheet with the rolling pin. But even if your trip is limited to Athens, you have the opportunity to enjoy shocking pies.

Meatpie and chicken pie, as well as sweet pies in Pie Works and fifteen pies every day made of pure ingredients such as organic olive oil and chicken and Greek feta cheese in the Pites tis Petheras in Kolonaki, traditional handmade pies with materials from small Greek producers in Pies of Sofia, PalaioFaliro.


A special Greek dish is also the taramosalata. It consists of fish eggs, mixed with olive oil, dried bread, potato, onion, and lemon and mixed well until it becomes cream.

In Greece, the taramosalata is common in fasting (mainly on Pure Monday), because it does not contain dairy and poultry eggs, but you can enjoy it all year in Psipina, a fish tavern in Paleo Faliro that serves it with roast and in Argura, fish tavern in Kallithea, arriving on your plate with red sweet potato and handmade bread.

Fish and thalassina

Talking about fish taverns, Greek fish and molluscs are among the best in the world as they swim in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean before they reach your plate.

Fresh fish, beyond the two above-mentioned taverns, you can also taste in the Ouzeri of Lakis in Victoria Square, which has a variety of fish, but also in the Piraeus Yperokianiowhich has recipes from Kimolos.

Greek Salad

A famous salad is known as a Greek salad and is made with tomato, cucumber, oil, oregano, and salt. Optionally enriched with feta cheese, olives, onion and green pepper.

Sometimes, add capers and vinegar and decorate parsley. Almost all Athens restaurants offer that salad.

However, you can visit the Ramon tavern in Kallithea and combine the salad with the excellent dishes of the store such as beans, greens, cheeses and cheese salads, meat or vegetable meatballs, cheesecake, grilled steak, and snails.


Finally, because every Greek who respects himself, he prides himself on being a good cook, you must definitely try meat in Athens. The BrizolakiatouTeli,  in Euripides, pork, thin, well-baked and juicy, are the most famous of the town’s beads. For unique hardcore Greek meat-based delicacies, visit Zioga in Glyfada and order kontosouvli, kokoretsi and the unique burger. Good appetite.

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