Check Out These Fixes If Your Android In-Display Fingerprint Scanner Does Not Work.

Here are a few fixes you may attempt if your Android phone’s in-display fingerprint sensor is malfunctioning or not performing as it should.

The fingerprint scanner is one of the safest methods for protecting your Android smartphone from illegal access. Even though the feature makes it easy and quick to unlock your phone, it may not always work how you expect it to.

Lucky for us, there are ways to make it work better. Here are 10 things you can try if your fingerprint scanner built into the screen isn’t working.


Clean the scanner of any dust that has built up.

Dirt and grime accumulate over time on your screen, making it hard for the scanner below to read your fingerprint. Wipe your phone’s screen to fix this problem.

Use a microfiber cloth or a cleaning solution with alcohol to wipe off any fingerprints or other dirt that has gathered on the scanner’s surface.


Start Your Phone Over

When you have problems with any of your device’s essential features, including the in-display fingerprint sensor, you should always consider rebooting it. If you haven’t restarted your phone recently, try it now.


Move to a place that is warmer or cooler.

Temperature changes are one of the most common reasons your in-screen fingerprint scanner stops working.

It can prevent the sensor from functioning correctly if you rapidly transfer your phone from a warm setting to a colder one. When you put your phone outside in the winter, the sensor may not be able to read your fingerprint correctly if it gets too cold.

To fix this, try taking your phone somewhere warmer or cooler but not too hot or cold. This might be enough to fix the problem with the sensor and get things working again.


Take off the cover for your screen.

Screen protectors are intended to prevent scratches and scuffs on your screen, but they might also interfere with certain in-display fingerprint scanners.

Taking the screen protector off your phone’s screen might help fix the problem. You can try a different kind, but this time you should think about a few things before buying a screen protector. If the problem keeps happening, think about not having one at all.


Make the scanner more sensitive to touch.

The fingerprint scanner can be built into the screen using different technology. For example, Pixel phones have optical sensors, while Samsung phones have ultrasonic sensors. Most of the time, the second ones are more accurate, and you should have less trouble with them.

But in-screen capacitive sensors are usually not as good as physical ones, and they can sometimes stop working if your fingers are wet, dirty, or cold.


Recalibrate Your Fingerprint

In certain cases, improper fingerprint registration prevents the in-display fingerprint scanner from functioning properly. Some fingers you’ve registered don’t work very well sometimes. You can easily fix this problem by wiping your phone’s biometric data and recalibrating your fingerprints.


Check for updates to your software.

When did you last check for software updates? Update your phone if you haven’t done so recently; there could be a bug in the most recent software that stops your fingerprint reader from working.

Open the Settings app, choose Software Update, and then scroll down.
Your phone will check for updates and download them on its own. You can install an update by tapping the Install button if it is available.


Hard Reset Your Device

If your phone’s fingerprint scanner isn’t working and you’ve tried everything else on this list, something is likely wrong with your phone.

If you added apps or changed settings on your phone, you need to do a factory reset to get everything back to normal.


Utilize a Different Unlocking Technique

Most people with phones with a fingerprint scanner built into the screen use it as a security feature that lets them get into their phones. You can also use it to unlock mobile banking apps that need a secure login.

Despite none of these solutions working, you can still unlock your phone in a safe way that doesn’t involve using your fingerprint. You’ll have to change each app to use a PIN or password.

This will protect your private information while you figure out what’s wrong with your fingerprint scanner.


Get your phone fixed or switched out.

If your phone’s fingerprint sensor doesn’t work well right out of the box, you should get it replaced while it’s still under warranty.

If you’ve owned it for longer, it could need to be fixed. Before sending the device to a technician, you can quickly figure out what’s wrong with it. This way, when the screen is on, you can look for cracks on its surface. It’s possible that you dropped it by accident. The fingerprint scanner built into the screen won’t work if the screen is broken or cracked.

You’ll need to hire a certified technician, preferably one who is certified by the company that made your phone. They’ll be able to locate the problem and fix your device, allowing you to once again use its fingerprint security features in total security.

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